Awakening yoga


Everyday life, work and constant commitments, leave little space for the care and listening of one’s body. Immersed in the daily routine you forget to meet your natural needs too often.

Practicing Yoga is a way of listening to the body and the sensations it gives us. The word Yoga means “union“, that is a technique of reuniting the human being with the universe. Through yoga the energies are not dispersed outside but rather conveyed inside.

What better time to pamper yourself than on vacation?

If you’ve always wanted to get closer to Yoga, but you’ve never done it, this is your chance.

You will be guided by our Yoga teacher, Lamberto, who will involve you in a journey of rediscovering your body. We have chosen as setting for our Awakening Yoga, the sea: there is no better place than nature, to re-establish contact with the universe.

Awakening Yoga is our gift to you: a treat that you can enjoy for free.

When: Every Saturday and Sunday morning, from 7.30am (weather conditions permitting).

Where: On the beach

For whom: Anyone can take part to our Awakening Yoga class, there are no age limits: just be our guest.