Rimini by bike

explore rimini and its landscapes by bicycle


The Romagna hinterland has some wonderful surprises for anyone who decides to go and discover it. We offer you some itineraries that start from Rimini and take in breathtaking views.

ROUTE BETWEEN THE “COLLI RIMINESI”: an itinerary that crosses Faetano, gets up to San Marino and returns to Rimini via the “Coste di Sgrigna”.

It starts from Rimini in the direction of Ospedaletto / Montescudo, along the road towards the Motorizzazione Civile (DMV).

Once in Ospedaletto, at the roundabout take the 3rd exit in a short descent to go straight on until you reach the detour to Faetano on the right.

Now the road is wide, with little traffic, and always has a slight positive slope alternating with slopes that allow you to catch your breath and lighten your leg. Then we arrive at Lake Faetano after approx. 17 km and we continue straight on along the main road, after the first 4-500 meters high hill we arrive at the first harpin turn to the right and from here we begin to toil!

The climb is hard in the first section to catch up after 1.5 km and resumes in the last piece. Arriving in a flat stretch and continuing straight ahead you will notice the long and difficult climb that leads to the base of Mount Titano, we turn left into a small road that will allow us to come out on the SS, (this is a narrow lane but fortunately it’s just a few meters long), we pass through the small houses on the street and near an old train stop, however we always keep right to come out on an intersection where we must keep right on a fairly wide road.

We continue on this road until the deviation that we will find on the left for San Marino and we take it, here we must be careful because once passed under the bridge we must immediately turn again to the left with the lightest change that you have as the climb is really steep and you risk nailing yourself halfway! We come out, however, on the San Marino highway and we go up into this beautiful climb that constantly pulls up to the Acquaviva roundabout.

At the roundabout we take the first to the right and then at the first harpin turn to the left we cut to the right again towards Ventoso, making a LOT of attention to the descent as the road is very bumpy and in a harpin turn in particular on the right the rear wheel makes no effort to nail down, because of the overhang of tarmac (very broken and uneven!).

We continue straight on to the detour on the right to Rimini, from here we connect to the road that will take us home and guess which one: the usual marvelous evergreen Coste di Sgrigna.

Tot km. 55 approx.

“A SPASSO NELLA VALMARECCHIA” ROUTE: an itinerary that starts from Rimini and reaches Santarcangelo and takes you to San Leo.

This route is a beautiful stage of medium difficulty: it has at least two beautiful climbs, one of which is rather long, rewarded with beautiful panoramic roads and the crossing of places rich in charm and history.
We start from Rimini and, passing by the sea road, we arrive at Torre Pedrera. From there, we climb towards the inland following the signs for Santarcangelo di Romagna, Poggio Berni and Ponte Verucchio.
We take the state road 258 and arrive in Novafeltria. Continuing to pedal, near Ponte Baffoni, we turn left and go up to San Leo crossing Maiolo and Pugliano. Arrived in the beautiful village the stop is a must, both to recover the energy used in a ride of almost sixty kilometers and to admire San Leo.
Must see: the Piazza del Borgo, the Pieve Millenaria, the ancient Duomo and the Fort, built in 1476 which overlooks the valley. An unparalleled sight that will fill your eyes, especially if the day is clear and you have the chance to admire the landscape that stretches to the coast.

We go back, paying attention as the road is rather steep, passing through Pietracuta and then crossing the Valmarecchia up to the road sign indicating Verucchio, on the right. At this point, if it’s not too much, we prepare ourselves for a new, rather demanding climb up to the Rocca from which we can admire yet another breathtaking landscape.

From Verucchio we return via a rather quiet road that crosses Coriano and the Casetti to finally arrive in Rimini. A more than satisfactory route able to remain in the memory of even the most demanding cyclist for a long time

Tot km. 92 approx.