Mir – Music inside Rimini


Music Inside Rimini is the only event in Europe dedicated entirely to innovation and to lighting, audio video and Rigging technologies, which allows you to experience the technology of leading companies live.
The event involves the entire supply chain with an original format that brings together, through dedicated moments and events, the b2b, the b2expert and the public.
B2B is the meeting between exhibitors, national and international services, installers.
B2Expert covers events and meetings for professionals (club owners, DJs, art directors, event organizers).
4 consolidated macro areas, namely: Light & Sound, the heart of the event represented by brands producing audio and lighting technologies for the world of entertainment and events; Professional Video – “Live Experience”, a sector dedicated to the world of Cinema, Television Studies and Visual in which visitors can test all the proposed instruments in a dedicated context; Integrated Systems, a large project developed in collaboration with Connessioni, which includes numerous initiatives including the AV Experience multimedia area, courses and seminars; and finally Music & Dj Producer, dedicated to musical instruments where to see and try guitars, effects, but also mixers, turntables, synthesizers, MIDI and DMX controllers, thanks to the assistance of some of the most famous endorsers.

Where: Rimini Fair

When: from Sunday 5 to Tuesday 7 May 2019